Students Ruling the City

Zdjęcie nagłówkowe otwierające podstronę: Students Ruling the City
A colourful procession of students took over the streets of Opole on Wednesday, May 22nd. The crowd of amused students went from the campus of the Opole University of Technology on Mikołajczyka Street to the campus of the University of Opole, and then to the Market Square, where the keys to the city were given to them by Vice-Mayor Maciej Wujec.

- Where is the best place to study? And where is the best place to party? - he asked the audience. - In Opole! - students answered in unison.

They were also addressed by vice-rectors for academic and student affairs and students. - Have a great time, always be cheerful and joyful - said Prof. Izabella Pisarek, Vice-Rector of the UO and Prof. Krzysztof Malik from the OUT added: - There is no Opole without students! You are the most important!

Lots of  city residents also came to see the colourful crowd. As usual, the students had plenty of fantasy when it comes to picking costumes. A wedding couple, Superman, a funeral procession with a coffin made of cardboard, characters from the popular series Money Heist, poppy maids, devils, clowns and priests were parading around the Market Square. Someone even dressed up as a satellite dish and someone else as a white wolf.

Then the students went from the Market Square back to the university campus, where they had fun during the concerts prepared for them. From Thursday, the student festivities will be held on the campus of the Opole University of Technology.