Preliminary programme

Preliminary programme

Tuesday, 7 July: Arrival of participants; registration - icebreaker party (evening)

Wednesday, 8 July: Registration, scientific presentations, poster session, board meeting

Thursday, 9 July: Scientific presentations, general assembly (including full elections to the Board), auction

Friday, 10 July: Scientific presentations

Saturday, 11 July: ‘Farewell dinner’ and tour at Krasiejów (Late Triassic vertebrates, annex largest dino park in Poland)

Sunday, 12 July: Field trips
1. Mini-field trip to Cretaceous sites, in Opole city.
2. Field trip to Middle Triassic (Muschelkalk) localities.

The annual general meeting of EAVP members will take place on Thursday, 9 July. This year sees all positions (except for Treasurer) up for election, so prospective candidates should contact the current Board members for information.

Department of Paleobiology, Opole University
Oleska 22; 45–052 Opole, Poland.

Tel: 0048 77 4016010