How to get to Opole

How to get to Opole

Opole is the principal city of the region with a university and numerous hotels and restaurants, and is easily reached by public transport.

Opole can be reached via the international airports at Katowice-Pyrzowice ( and Wrocław (, both situated about 80 km from Opole. Airports are connected with the main railway stations at Wrocław and Katowice by regular bus services. From both cities, you can travel to Opole (main station; Opole Główne) by train (see 

Alternatively, there are airports further afield, i.e. at Warsaw ( and Kraków ( situated about 400 km and 200 km from Opole, respectively, but also directly connected with the city of Opole by express trains. 

In Poland you cannot pay by Euros; 1 Euro is equivalent to about 4 PLN (Polish złoty), depending on daily exchange rates. 
In short, the best deal would be to exchange some of your own currency to złoty on arrival at the airport (Bureaux de Change, but please take care: exchange rates at airports are, as usual, very unfavourable), in order to have local currency pay your way. At the airport you can also obtain Polish currency from cash points (ATMs).

Opole is well connected by regular coach lines with most European cities. Of course the trip by coach might take longer, but you do not need to change during the trip. Most bus companies have night services as well, so that you can arrive in Opole in the early morning. 

Opole is situated near the A4 motorway (coming from Dresden/Bautzen, Germany) and other important inner-Poland road connections. 

Coming from Germany via the motorway, please do not cross the border at Forst/Olszyna (i.e., German motorway A15, and Polish motorway A18) – the lane from Germany into Poland is still under construction. The best place to cross the border as at Görlitz/Zgorzelec, via motorway A4. 

On some motorways in Poland there are toll gates. Driving from Germany into Poland you need to take a ticket from the entry gate, close to Wrocław, and pay at the exit (toll booth) from the A4 motorway ("Prądy" - junction to Opole). 
You can either pay by your credit card or cash. The cost is about 10 PLN. Euros are accepted, but only in banknotes - change is given in Polish złoty (PLN)!
In other words, most comfortable is to exchange some money just after the border in one of the numerous Bureaux de Change, to allow you to pay for motorway toll. 

Department of Paleobiology, Opole University
Oleska 22; 45–052 Opole, Poland.

Tel: 0048 77 4016010