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Dear colleagues and friends

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Nearly a week and a half have passed since we all met at Opole University to discuss our most favourite of fossils of all ages, do some fieldwork in the Upper Cretaceous (Turonian) of Opole and the Middle Triassic (Muschelkalk) of Gogolin and Gorażdże and marvel at Metoposaurus-upon-Metoposaurus-upon-Metoposaurus in the pavilion at Krasiejów, plus the adjacent JuraPark, and all its extras. 
That the meeting was hugely successful (think of e.g. the sheer number of attendees, the well-stocked auction, the relaxed atmosphere during the ice-breaker party at the museum and the farewell dinner at Krasiejów) is something that we can all subscribe to.  As members of the Organising Committee we certainly could not have done this all by
ourselves - we greatly appreciate the support from the vice rector of the University of Opole, professor Andrzej Słodczyk and all our sponsors (all names can be found on the web page and in our conference books). We are also grateful for the help given to us by our students (Klaudia Kardynał, Kamil Gruntmejer, Piotr Janecki, Jakub Kowalski and the rest of our support team, see the long list - click "+ więcej" below), the catering staff (Gabriela Koy and her family), our colleagues from Opole University (Magdalena Kościuk, Grzegorz Hebda, Sylwia Nowak, Milosz Mazur, Slawomir Mitrus) and representatives from JuraPark Krasiejów (especially Andrzej Boczarowski and all others). But, first and foremost, we like to express our gratitude to you for attending, presenting, discussing and contributing to this success! Opole has been
firmly put on the map, and rightly so - with a natural treasure of the likes of Krasiejow, who could ask for more? So, thank you once again - we certainly look forward to meeting you all again at Haarlem, next year. Elena A. Jagt-Yazykova Dorota Konietzko-Meier Adam Bodzioch
John W.M. Jagt

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EAVP 2015 is less than one month away and we have a few updates we want to inform you regarding the conference (see third circular).
In this year you can meet over 160 researchers, not only from Europe. We will have 77 talks and 62 posters, organized in a few thematic sessions.
The programme and abstracts volumes and field trip book are available here.
Please note, we will be providing participants with programme, abstract book and field guide at the registration desk.

How to get to Opole

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As communicated previously, Opole can be reached easily via the international airports at Katowice-Pyrzowice and Wrocław, both situated about 80 km from Opole. 

Airports are connected with the main railway stations at Wrocław and Katowice by regular (shuttle) bus services. From those two cities, you can travel to Opole main station (= Opole Główne) by train (see 

All of the websites indicated are easy to navigate, so you should have no trouble arranging your travel. However, if airport arrival times are such that connections to (shuttle) buses and/or trains present problems, please inform us and we shall try to find the best solution for all involved. 

Finally, should you be staying a bit longer in Poland after the meeting, we recommend a visit to famous cities further afield, such as Wrocław and Kraków.

Please check out the guide for tourists on our webpage.

How to get to Opole 
In and around Opole - tourist information

Venue Address

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Some of you have inquired after a detailed address of the venue. Here it is:

Uniwersytet Opolski (University of Opole)
ul. Oleska 48
45-052 Opole

The third circular will contain a detailed map of the city and some phone numbers – in case you have problems locating the venue. 

Our student-assistant will be there to help you. But, please note that Opole is a small city, and we do not expect you to have any problems with orientation. 

Strona 1 z 3

Department of Paleobiology, Opole University
Oleska 22; 45–052 Opole, Poland.

Tel: 0048 77 4016010